Unknown Story
Updated: 2/1/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • A 21st century teacher is a facilitator for students learning. teacher allow the students to be connected with with their communities by using computer and posting on social media.
  • you guys doing a great job. posting about awareness of cyberbullying. how is your thinking on making that post.
  • Good day class! today we are going to start thinking about ideas for a cyber bullying campaign and we could share it through internet by using your computers
  • students are collaborating the classroom they found a problem that they needed to solve and began to construct a way to solve it.
  • I'm not really sure what cyber bullying is. I've heard it before but I need more information.
  • I absolutely admire your homework. many student's and users of social media admire our campaign too.
  • I was bullied in social media when I was younger by a stranger in social media. I bet we could find more examples online
  • The teacher has taught these students how to be responsible digital citizens.
  • This might be a good site but I see a curse word in the description we should pick a different website.
  • The teacher guides students with questions rather than answer. students develop answers and finding answers on their own and with a global mindset.
  • well I asked my friends on facebook that if they have experienced cyber bullying .
  • and my nephew is dealing with this cyber bullying too.
  • These students used facebook to solve their problem and seeking another person's perspective. they develop a conceptual knowledge of cyber bullying and how it affects real people.
  • that's great maam! we are glad to help this kind of campaign
  • A community of collaborative trust is created because students understand the purpose behind their research
  • now that we have deeper understanding on how to use computer and social media with awareness and finally we can share it with others.