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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • I want you,my brother to temporarily take my place.
  • Sure
  • Prospero needed His brother Alonzo to take over some political jobs for him so that he could focus more on his studies.
  • Meanwhile, Alonzo learns a lot more about politics and steals His brothers subjects and gains allies.
  • We are with you .
  • A few more days went by and Prospero was still more focus on studying so Alonzo went to the King of Naples to grant him Dukedom behind his brothers back.
  • bet.
  • Grant me dukedom.
  • Sure let milan become apart of Naples
  • Alonzo then orders a secret army to kidnap Prospero and his daughter Miranda and throw them on a ship in hopes they will die in a pose shipwreck.
  • Take care of it.
  • yessir
  • Lucky for the both of them Gonzalo wanted to help them by providing them with food and water so they could survive
  • ill help you.
  • thank you