plan A and B
Updated: 12/2/2019
plan A and B

Storyboard Text

  • what do you think about the sanctions that the U.S put on Iran and the nukes they can have
  • I don't feel worried because after all we also have nukes
  • lets get started with the meeting. Now Lets discuss the plans with Iran
  • The sanctions will be lifted
  • The nuke production will stop
  • The U.S nuclear power plant workers aren't feeling worried that Iran might want to attack the U.S
  • President what are you planning to do with Iran
  • We have to put more sanctions on Iran
  • The main leaders of the main countries joined up to discuss the matters with Iran
  • You look good for now, lets go see the storage rooms
  • This way
  • You are going to have to follow the sanctions we put on you and then maybe the sanction will be lifted
  • Obama lifted the sanctions and Iran stopped the production of nukes
  • This is unfair
  • O'k we will follow the sanctions
  • Trump is applying sanctions to Iran
  • Iran is having to accept inspectors from the U.S
  • Iran is having to agree to the sanctions of president Trump