The missed flight

Updated: 9/10/2020
The missed flight

Storyboard Text

  • Martha:!Hi luz¡ I was looking for you.You look freak out, What happened?Luz: I was going to picked up my cousin to then flight out, but my car broke down
  • Martha:!OMG¡ That sounds terribleLuz: Yes, and I think that I´m going to missed out the flight
  • Martha: Calm down, you´re not going to missed out the flightDo you want to sit down?Luz: Okay, i have to call up my cousin
  • Luz: so, Why did you need me?Martha: No, you need to call your cousin.
  • Martha: HiCousin: Where are you?Martha: You have to hold on me, my car broke downCousin: Are you okay?Martha: Yes
  • Martha: Luz, I was thinking about, you could drop off us in the airport?Luz: Of course, no problemCousin: !Perfect¡ Hurry up