Okayest Song Ever by One Addition

Updated: 10/15/2020
Okayest Song Ever by One Addition

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  • Leeroy hmm
  • Hi Boys!
  • The hottest new boyband, One Addition, met with two of Hollywood's biggest producers to film a music video for their new song "Okayest Song Ever".
  • Absolutely not. We would never do that.
  • The producers introduced the band to the creative director, Marcel, who showed them lots of great ideas. The boys didn't like any of them. They decided to talk about it later and move onto choreography. Marcel called in the best choreographer known to man.
  • Zack can claim insanity!
  • You are bloody stupid mate
  • Leeroy presented his ideas for the boys, instructing each on what they'll be doing. "Nail do the shimmey, do the shimmey, do the shimmey. And Zack pirouette and Lucas do the splits and Lamb stay exactly the way you are cause you are per-FECT"
  • Garry stopped Leeroy before he could get to him. The boys didn't know what to do, their management had already signed an agreement to work with the label.
  • Garry asked the boys to meet him in the hallway to discuss possible solutions. Nail suggested if one of them claims insanity, he contract will be terminated. But Lucas said that was a stupid idea and they needed to brainstorm better options.
  • After about 20 minutes, they all decided to claim duress under undue influence. The group believes the power of the producers was intimidating and that they would never agree to that. they returned to the meeting and stated their argument.