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The Pardoner's Tale
Updated: 10/16/2020
The Pardoner's Tale
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Part 2

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  • Death's Spy
  • Tell us where we can find Death! NOW.
  • To kill us younger folk... you are a traitor and Death's spy, you thieving swine!
  • The Precious Pile of Florins
  • We must bring this treasure back by night, some prudent way, and keep it out of sight!
  • A Half Is More Than A Third ...
  • We shall kill him off so we can split the gold in half!
  • The gambler suspects that the old man is a spy for Death. As the gambler threatens to hurt the old man unless he reveals Death's location, the man informs them that Death "won't be far to find," and that he is under the oak tree.
  • The First of Greed's Victims
  • The three young rioters run and reach the oak tree, where they find the The three rioters run and reach the oak tree. Here, they find the pile of golden coins on the ground! The men were all thrilled to see the sight of such treasure and sat down beside the pile. Due to their greed for the gold, they completely disregard the original plan: killing Death.
  • Death By Poisoned Wine
  • The proposed solution is that the three men must draw sticks and whoever draws the longest runs to town and secretively brings back bread and wine. The youngest of the three draws the long straw and is chosen to go back to the town to bring bread and wine. The two men who stay back with the gold scheme against the youngest man. Their plan is to kill him, split the gold, and keep it to themselves.
  • Don't be the cause of your own demise.
  • The youngest man who was sent back to the town to bring bread and wine also crafts up his own plan to kill the other two men to keep all the gold for himself. While he is in town, he purchases poison and pours it in the wine bottle. The young man returns from town and when he returns, he is killed by the other two men. They stab him through his back with a dagger.
  • Once the two men kill off the youngest rioter, they sit down for a drink and decide to bury his corpse later. Ironically, they drink from the poisoned wine bottle and they both die as well. Due to the greed inside all three men, they caused their own demise.
  • Greed is the moral subject of the story. The gluttony that the three men possessed for the gold destroyed their friendship and ultimately resulted in their own demise. The pardoner ends the tale here and reminds the other pilgrims that death is unpredictable, so they must revoke their sins as early as they can.
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