Alunsina and tungkong langit
Updated: 2/20/2021
Alunsina and tungkong langit

Storyboard Text

  • Scene1:
  • And remember when you’re too far from home, we both know something is going on with you and your “business”
  • Honey, you know that I am a king. And a king should be responsible for all the mess. If I’m not gonna finish this, my position will stoop down. I’m gonna go now
  • Honey, I’ll be away for some chaotic reasons. Take care and always remember that I love you.
  • Scene2: Upon reaching down for some businesses to accomplish, he felt uneasy.
  • Not at all, Tungkung langit. I have seen your footsteps all the way heading to your new life with her!
  • Im the Queen and you’re a King without dignity. If you’re planning to comeback to me, I’m nit gonna take you any longer. You made me wait impatiently! 
  • Wait, what?? What is this Alunsina? How could you done this to me?
  • You just said that you’re a Queen!
  • Honey, I already explained to you! You sabotage me thinking my purpose here is to destroy you. I have no crazy decisions to hurt you my love.
  • Oh how could you Tungkung Langit! I have never wished to be your wife from the very beginning! You were so cruel to me!
  • Scene3: Due to the loss of temper of Tungkung Langit, Alunsina disappeared from nowhere. The King dont know her whereabouts.
  • I promise myself you’re not gonna find me anymore! Rot from the above Tungkung langit!
  • I truly love you with all my heart. But you made me do what is best for you and your nonsense jealousy. It made you burn your heart with your overreacting scenarios to me.
  • SCENE4 When the two both throwing hurtful words, it made Alunsina burst into anger that she curse of never meeting Tungkung Langit ever again.
  • My heart is full of ache, but if you do care of me just for once, you’ll never be greedy to find me up here. You are nowhere to be find, my love. But I am the king and shall be empowered you with righteousness. Not knowing your whereabouts but I know deep down there is a safe place for you. You shall be corrected with godly ways. I’m still loving you 24/7.