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Updated: 12/4/2018
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  • Scrooge shruck through the dark hallways and peeked in.Scrooge wandered who could eat like this and as the refrigerator door closed he wish he had not.Because there stood a giant of a man,round and rosy."Are you a ghost too?Are you going to show me more vision?",said Scrooge."Yes.I did come all this way..oh,look the time!There's something important yo need to see!",said the spirit.
  • Now they were in another house,a much smaller one.In a family's dining room,which in a house with so few rooms served as playroom,lounge and study.Bob Cratchit sat at the head of the dinner table and led the family in prayer."Lord,thank you for the glorious banquet you have provided us on this Christmas Eve.Please look after your family especially Tiny Tim who need miracles the most".Scrooge remember Cratchit mentioning the name before but he had never really pay attention.Tiny Tim is a small and thin boy,underweight in fact,and he carried a tiny wooden crutch because he no longer walk well.
  • The ghost just now faded away and Scrooge was left alone in his kitchen.Though all the windows were closed, a cold wind blew and out of the shadows walked a dark,cloaked figure.He looked like the Grim Reaper himself,and a single bony hand gestured for Scrooge to follow him.Walking down the hall,Scrooge found himself at a funeral,but nobody was there except for the man in the coffin and a very bored priest who kept looking at his watch."What sort of man can die and have no one come to his funeral?Doesn;t anyone miss him?Doesn't anyone love him?"Scrooge asked nervously.But the ghost said nothing,he just kept walking out into the cold snowy night.Scrooge followed behind him and soon they were in the town square.
  • "A graveyard?"Scrooge asked,"Why have you taken me here?!"The ghost pointed out into the distance.Scrooge tried to follow where he was pointing,but it only led out into a seaof graves.Nervously,he worked his way through the headstones,occasionally looking back at the ghost for some sign but receiving none.He saw an old grave that had been untended and overgrown with ivy.As he clawed it off,he read HERE LIES EBENEZER SCROOGE.
  • "Spirit this can't be my future!I want more than to be hated and forgotten",he sobbed.Suddenly he had an idea,"I understand now!I can change Spirit!You'll see!I will be kind and generous from now on."
  • As Scrooge jumped up,he found himself back in his bed.It was morning.He ran to the window and shouted out to a boy on the street,"You boy,what day is it today?""Why,it's Christmas day,sir."he replied."Then,I'm not too late!"he said,tossing a small bag of money to the boy."Take this money,buy the biggest goose you can and deliver it to the Cratchits.Keep the change for your troubles.Now I have some shopping to do!"he said.
  • A little while later there is a knock on the Cratchit's door.Bob Cratchit opened it and was promptly knocked over by the line of people marching into his dining room carrying plump meats,vegetables and puddings.Someone offered Bob a hand from behind a load of wrapped Christmas and he was shocked too see it was his boss."Mr.Scrooge,I was just about to leave for work right now!"said Bob."Work?Well,it's Christmas isn't it?You've always work so hard,you deserve a vacation.Why don't you come back to work after New Year's?"said Scrooge."Oh,thank you Mr.Scrooge!"proclaimed Cratchit.
  • Together they all enjoyed a great and merry feast.
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