Updated: 4/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • When you are home, you will take revenge on the suitors, after killing them, you must make a well mad oar and carry it on till you come to a country where people have never heard of the sea, you must also fix the oar, sacrifice a ran, bull, and boar to Poseidon, then go home and offer hecatombs to all gods, and death for you will come from the sea.
  • your wife remains home, she is in great distress, no one has got possession of you property, your father remains at his old place and never goes into town, he sleeps on the floor in front of the fire, he grieves about how you never came home.
  • he suffers more and more as he ages, as for me, i died out of longing to know what you were doing and the force of my affection for you. I am very sorry that i cannot hold you my son, for my soul is like a dream, you cannot touch it.