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Updated: 8/28/2018
Story board that project
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Rising Action
  • This shows when King Midas went out to his garden and he saw a pair of legs out of the garden. He thought that it was the gardeners boy so he called the gardener over there. They pulled him up and he looked to see who it was and we started talking.
  • Climax
  • When they started talking they started talking about where he came from and who his god was. He started saying to King Midas that he didn't want to go back because he was afraid that he would get in trouble. So King Midas wanted to make sure that he was safe.
  • Falling Action
  • Then King Midas takes the Man down to Dionysus's kingdom and makes sure that he gets back safely. The man thanks King Midas and makes his way into the Castle. After that King Midas went into explain the mans story to Dionysus and they get it all sorted out.
  • Resolution
  • As King Midas enters into Dionysus's castle he explains why the man was left out there. Dionysus was very happy that King Midas brought back his man that he told King Midas that he could grant him a wish of anything he wants. So King Midas decides that he wants to have the ability to where everything he touches turns into gold.
  • Once King Midas gets home he decides that he wants to test out if when he touches things does it make it to where it turns into gold. So he went into his garden and he decides that all of the plants are now just lifeless. He also sees that he got very selfish when he decided he wanted the power.
  • In this scene it shows that Dionysus told King Midas that if he wanted to get rid of this wish he would have to go to the river and swim in it. So he does and when he is done he goes back home and sees that his daughter isn't made of gold anymore. He also thinks that his garden isn't made out of gold anymore.
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