Updated: 5/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hmm, what should i do first, study or play game??
  • Camera will focus on a student studying at
  • or continue his study.
  • his desk but at the same time he
  • confuse either to play video games
  • screen which, he is playing a game
  • The student then play games and
  • camera will focus on his computer
  • stop form studying.
  • Hehehe, LETS PLAY GAMES ???
  • for his test. He regret of himself
  • as he do not finish study all topic
  • The student feel scared
  • and start to study.
  • OH NO!! I've test tomorrow
  • The student then share solution
  • - camera focus on student face only
  • how to overcome the problem
  • Hey,guys I found a solution for whom that obses playing video games like me.