Student Misbehavior and it's consequences
Updated: 5/5/2018
Student Misbehavior and it's consequences
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  • Marlia
  • Jerk!!
  • John
  • Liam, what's with the shirt??? HA HA !!!
  • Susan you can't even read! ha ha!!
  • Susan
  • WHAT???
  • LIAM
  • He's such a....Jerk !!!
  • Mrs. Mattos, John is saying my shoes are ugle. Mrs. Mattos!!!
  • Your shoes are ugly!!!
  • NO, I didn't. She is lying!
  • Yes he did Mrs. Mattos!! He's bothering!!
  • You are being disrespectful and disruptive. 
  • What is going on John?? We need to have a conversation.
  • Here we go again. I hate this s**t !!!
  • John is being disrespectful to the other students in the class. John's behavior in class is affecting his academic and social performance.
  • So here is what is happening... What can we do to make it better for John?
  • The other students call Mrs. Mattos. They complain to her that John is being mean and disruptive. 
  • We will be there for you John
  • During specials, Mrs. Mattos takes John aside to let him know that his behavior will not be tolerated. She wants to know the motive for his actions.
  • Sorry guys. Sorry Mrs. Mattos. 
  • This classroom is so much better! John is much more engaging and getting along with his peers. He has also apologized to all. The classroom is much more student centered and technology is more available.
  • Mrs. Mattos arranged a meeting with the assistant principle and John's parents. Mrs. Mattos laid it out in plain English. What is the motive for his actions? What is going on at home? Mrs. Mattos pointed out that John is smart and helpful. What triggers his behavior? Well, although John's parents parents love him, they work all day and haven't dedicated much time to him.
  • Assistant Principle
  • parents
  • Plan of action: John's parents will make an effort to bond with John. Mrs. Mattos. John's parents will have a more open communication. Mrs. Mattos will provide weekly reports to the assistant principle and John's parents. Also, allow John and the other students, control of their own learning and provide more technology in the classroom to keep John and the students engaged. 
  • Plan of Action: John's parents will have more time for him. Mrs. Mattos will have more open communication with parents and provide weekly reports to the behavior specialist. Mrs. mattos will allow John to take control of his own learning and provide more technology for the entire class.
  • John is actually not a bad kid after all!
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