Updated: 5/3/2020

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  • LS (HA): GRACE stomps over to the pancake batter after JAMES throws some at KOOL-AID MAN and misses.
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  • WS (HA): MOTHER pulls into the driveway, alerting GRACE, JAMES, and KOOL-AID MAN.SFX: Squeaky car breaks.
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  • MS (EYE-LEVEL): GRACE and JAMES look outside to see MOTHER getting out of the car and panic with the house a mess.
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  • CU (EYE-LEVEL): KOOL-AID MAN snaps his fingers and cleans up the mess, disappearing afterwords. GRACE and JAMES are relieved.
  • LS (EYE-LEVEL): MOTHER brings in the groceries and is welcomed to some fresh kool-aid pancakes and a clean kitchen.
  • LS (HA): GRACE and JAMES show MOTHER the kool-aid pancakes and they eat them together.