Updated: 7/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning Sam! Nice to see you!
  • I just failed one of my courses. I'm so stressed.
  • Good Morning Boss!
  • Good morning to you too!!
  • I haven't been getting enough sleep for the past week and I still have to work .
  • Good Morning Sam and Jana!
  • after work
  • Hello, I haven't been feeling well lately can we talk ?
  • So recently.......
  • Sure, so what's up ?
  • .............
  • Hey little sis, its time to go home. Mom and dad are looking for us, I'll let you guys finish up.
  • I am so stressed about school, I can risk to fail another class and I have finals coming up.
  • Honey, I know you are very stressed right now but you have to know that you worked really hard. Its fine if you make a mistake.
  • Thanks mom, I needed that.
  • Go take a breather. Tell yourself that you can control your stress.
  • at home
  • Greg! You didn't help me study , look what I got. It is your fault!
  • Guys I got a 40% but that is still good though.
  • The teacher doesn't like me so I got a bad score.
  • I know, I am not as healthy as I use to be, its just hard when I have so much to do. I know that if I keep doing this I will be at high risk of health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes and also a decrease in vo2 max.
  • Honey, I know you have been under a lot of stress lately but your over eating and its really affected you health, plus you haven't been exercising either. You are going to develop some health problems if you continue.
  • You have been more irritable lately, remember to take care of yourself, learn to cope with the stress.
  • You know stress is apart of our everyday life, you need to learn how to control it.
  • I noticed that you appetite has increased, its not healthy if you keep going on. You have to be open-minded and set appropriate goals for yourself.
  • I understand mom thank you for looking out for me.
  • I'll get some rest to make up for last night and then I'll go back to studying.