Lord of the Flies
Updated: 3/5/2020
Lord of the Flies

Storyboard Text

  • "He's a commander in the Navy. When he gets leave he'll come and rescue us." (13)
  • What is This?
  • "His ordinary voice sounded like a whisper after the harsh note of the conch." (17)
  • Its a Conch.
  • "It broke away-- Before I could kill it--but--next time!" (33)
  • What about the blood?
  • Kill it...
  • "the pile was so rotten, and now so tinder-dry, that whole limbs yielded passionately to the yellow flames that poured upwards... " (41)
  • "Jack was bent double... his nose only a few inches from the humid earth. The tree trunks and the creepers that festooned them lost themselves in a green dusk thirty feet above him, and all about was the undergrowth." (48)
  • Hmmmmm
  • "But when they reached the shelters Simon was not to be seen." (55)
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