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Physics Comic
Updated: 3/12/2020
Physics Comic
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  • Our speedometer seems to not be working!
  • How will we be able to tell what our speed is then? It feels like we are going 200 maybe more.
  • Well, we could use the formula v = d over t.
  • I don't know what those letters mean Harold.
  • Did she even go to school??
  • The "v" stands for our speed, the "d" stands for distance, and "t" stands for time.
  • Ohhhh. So it's like the scalar and vector things we did in Physics.
  • Oh maybe she did go to school. Lets test her...
  • No. Well it would be the same type of equation as the speed one. We would have to have the difference of our initial velocity and our final velocity, right?
  • Do you remember how to calculate acceleration? Would it be V2 equals V1 plus at?
  • I know Harold, I was just making sure I was on the right track. "Look at me Im Harold and Im an engineer!"
  • So far but you still have something left.
  • I don't care Harold. But you should probably worry about the person you just hit.
  • The last thing would be to divide by the time it took you. So like a = delta v over delta t.
  • Nice Janice. Say if we sped up 10 km/h over 6 seconds what would be our acceleration.
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