To kill a Mocking Bird Chaptor 4
Updated: 3/12/2020
To kill a Mocking Bird Chaptor 4

Storyboard Text

  • Somebody who can't get into heaven, just wallows around roads, if you walk through one, you will become one.
  • What's a Hot Steam?
  • Scout finds a peice of Gum and a box with coins. In front of Radley's House
  • Come on Scout, don't just lie there
  • Jem explans what a "Hot Steam" is.
  • Why didn't you get it?!
  • Go on, it ain't that far inside the gate. Why, you even touch the house!
  • Scout rolling down the hill in the tire, after Jem pushed her.
  • No, sir...
  • Give me those sicssors, and does this have to do with the Radley's by chance?
  • After falling out of the tire, Scout realises that she is in front of the Radley's House and both Jem and her start to panic.
  • After running away from Radley's House, Jem is furious at Scout for not retreaving the tire and they go into an argument.
  • In order to continue the game, Jem try's to steal scissors and the news paper, but Atticus notices her and figures out what they are trying to plan and how it is related to the Radley's