jamestown colony
Updated: 2/25/2020
jamestown colony

Storyboard Text

  • The reason for Roanoke
  • Problem
  • What would I do to fix it
  • The reason that Ralph Lane the leader of the first colony and John White and the settlers explored is that they were looking for land. The settlers would have to work and if they did not work they would not eat for the day. John White did this so people would stay on task instead of rooming off into the wild and look for other stuff. They kept food in storage's like barns. and the biggest thing of all is that they all disappear and know one knows what happen to them, but they found one word on the tree Croatoan.
  • The problem for Roanoke is crops would not grow cause of the terrain and many people died from starvation or from the diseases.
  • I would tell them what to do because their crops are going to fail and I will help them find new land that did not have any diseases. I would do this so most of them would not die from starvation or diseases.