quarter 2 ssr project
Updated: 1/11/2020
quarter 2 ssr project
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  • Robbie is at one of his lax games, and is destroying the other team. They win and meet a guy named Lewis who had talked to Robbie and his family about his skill and determination with the stick.
  • Dang he is really good and really passionate about the game. I think this is where the stick should go next.
  • Lewis brings the family over to his car and shows them the 200 year old lacrosse stick. Robbie takes it in confusion, but then immediately starts playing with it and to him it feels different and he can now do skills that he couldn't have done before. Lewis tells them nothing about the stick.
  • "Thank you so much for the compliments towards him by why are you giving us a stick? What is it for?"
  • Robbie then begins to feel a spark every time he touches the stick. To him it seems magical. His parents want him to throw it in the trash but Robbie does not listen and he continues to keep it and study it.
  • "I cannot take this anymore, there is something wrong with this stick and there is nothing i can do about it. But i am keeping it no matter how much pain it causes me."
  • Robbie then goes to bed. But he has a terrifying dream. A guy named Red Hawk takes him through the 1700's to learn everything about the history of the magical stick. He also talks about the people who had the stick before him and Lewis, and when and who to give the stick to when it is the right time.
  • "I was expecting for these things to happen, they happened to me as well. I can answer any questions but they will continue to happen until you give the stick to someone else."
  • Robbie's parents call Lewis to come over so they can talk about the stick, the dreams and the spark. Robbie is told to write down all the dreams he has so he does so. Lewis then says that he was expecting for this to all happen to Robbie because it ha happened to him as well. That is why he wanted to get rid of the stick fast.
  • When he was taking a walk near the lake he had saw a boy practicing. He walked by the lake everyday. He sees that boy everyday, and that is when he realizes that is the boy he is going to give the stick to because he is so determined to get better.
  • Robbie and his family had finally decided that it was time to give the stick to someone else, they did not want to have to deal with it anymore .
  • "Hey you! You are so good at lacrosse and i see you practicing everyday. Would you want a new stick? It is amazing."
  • Robbie then goes to sleep but has a terrifying dream. He was brought to the 1700's by a guy named Red Hawk. He had talked all about the magical stick that Robbie had received that day. He shows Robbie everything about the stick he needed to know and about the people who had it before Robbie. He also said when it is time it is your job to give the stick to a person you feel is special in the game of lacrosse. He then has these dreams every time there is a full moon.
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