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Updated: 11/29/2017
Caden rev.
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  • This act is called the Boston Tea Party. The angry colonist threw $650,000 worth of tea because tea was being taxed.
  • dump all of it!!
  • YEAAH!!
  • This is the Quatering act.This force the colonist to Let the soldiers live with them, or the colonist would have to pay for them a house
  • You shall let me stay!
  • Fine, Make your self at home.
  • This act is called the Townshed . Many popular Items in stores were being taxed
  • Why do you have to raise all the good items ?!!
  • Not my problem
  • This act is the Sugar act. People were taxed on Molasses which is a sweet liqid
  • Not my problem.
  • AHHHH!! why do you guys have to tax my sugar
  • This act is called coercive acts. The colonist no longer had a government or representatives. Everything was run by the king or his royal officails.
  • Nope,I shall not give you any representation.
  • PLease sir! Give us a chance, Give us representation,Give us a Government!
  • Due to all these acts,it led up to war against great Britain and america colonist and army. Overall,America won and gained there rights.
  • FIRE!!!
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