Updated: 11/2/2020

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  • Then they choose the puppy that liked them and didn't scared of something they did.
  • John and Jenny decided to get a dog.
  • They went to look for the puppy.
  • After some weeks John got the puppy called Marley they gived this name by their favorite singer Bob Marley and put Marley in their garage
  • Then they cleaned the house with stonng chemicals
  • Then John took Marley near to his bed because Marley cried for a long time
  • Jenny's friend came to their house with own dog but the dog had fleas so Marley got too
  • They went to obedience class because of Marley, Marley was not obedient and in the lesson Marley got fired because of his obedience problem
  • Then their child born
  • A long time later John and Jenny had baby but unfortunetly baby born dead
  • Then they decided to go on a vacation they give Marley to someone that they trust and when they finished their vacation they saw that Marley broke almost everything in house
  • Then they started to teach Marley by themselves
  • Unexpectedly Marley got into a film and all family went to the film set and they hardly filmed the Marley's part
  • When the film finished no one said anything to the owners of Marley
  • But after some time they some how found the film and when they watched it they saw that Marley was there in the film but it was so short
  • Marley was still not obedient so it was hard to film the part where Marley playes
  • Because that day there was a rule about dogs
  • Then Jenny and John had another baby
  • Then another dog came to the beach with his owner and owner didn't listened the rules and let his dog free
  • Then Marley and John went to dog beach but that day beach was empty with running dogs.
  • Finaly John and Jenny had another baby and Marley started to become old.After couple of weeks Marley got sick and died