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cancer project
Updated: 10/2/2020
cancer project
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  • Hey Phoenix, first of all I just want to say that no matter what, everything is going to be okay. Now, since you already did X-rays, we’re gonna get right to the CT scan. A CT scan will give us some nice images of the inside of your chest, which should be helpful because usually when someone coughs up blood, there is an issue in their chest and lungs area causing it.
  • Alright..
  • *after CT scan*
  • Well, we’re going to take good care of you and everything is gonna be okay. So we have a couple options. We can perform a surgery and try to remove the tumor, or we can do radiation treatment, which is a type of treatment that uses beams of energy to kill cancer cells. The goal of both of these is to make all symptoms and traces of your cancer go completely away. I’ll give you some time and space to think
  • Okay Phoenix, we got your results back and I’m sorry bud but it looks like you have a cancer tumor in your lung, but the good news is it’s fairly small and it’s stage 2, meaning we caught it early.
  • Alright… so what happens next?
  • Well that’s a good question. Smoking or even second hand smoke is usually the prime reason that people develop lung cancer, so lung cancer is very popular among smokers because the smoke damages the cells that line the lungs. However, lung cancer can also be more commonly inherited by people who have a family history of lung cancer. Other causes can be exposure to radiation or radon gas, but that’s less common.
  • Okay. So sir, how exactly did I get lung cancer?
  • *some time later
  • Okay Phoenix, you’re doing great. As a doctor, part of my job is to educate you, so I’m gonna tell you a little bit about your lung cancer. Obviously, your lung cancer is going to most affect your lungs and chest area. Your lung cancer developed because the cells in your lungs changed and mutated, then grew uncontrollably and formed a tumor, preventing your body to function normally. In your case, the cells did not yet spread to other parts of your body which is very, very good. Now, lung cancer comes along with some symptoms which you may, or may have already, experienced.
  • Yea that makes sense. My mom always smoked when I was growing up since I was a baby
  • Got it.
  • Yea, unfortunately the development of cancer in your case isn’t even your fault. There isn’t much to be done in order to prevent getting lung cancer in the first place, but avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke is a key part in that, along with basic things like little consumption of alcohol, being active, and a healthy diet of course.
  • Everything's gonna be okay Phoe.
  • Oh wow okay.
  • Yes, exactly. Or, it could also be things like a lasting and lingering cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, body aches, or unintended weight loss. Hopefully you don’t get hit too hard by those. What’s uncommon in your case is that you developed lung cancer so young, because usually it hits the elderly people more. However, I’m not too surprised because you were surrounded by your moms smoking habit, and lung cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world!
  • Like coughing up blood?
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