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Barry the Burrito 2
Updated: 6/6/2019
Barry the Burrito 2
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  • How much speed will I have to use to get away from the wolf?
  • A whole lot! HAHA
  • Newtons law of School for the Bright
  • I got away from the wolf . Oh hey look it is the school.
  • I see them
  • hey Sue
  • Are you ready to learn about Friction
  • And Point of Reference
  • PhysicsFriction:Force that is opposite to direction of motionCentripetal Force:When a object moves to the centerMass:The amount of matter in an objectWeight the amount of gravity that is acting on a objectMomentum:The quality of motion an object has
  • Class today we are going to learn about physics
  • Motion: One objects distance from another.Point of reference:Speed with respect to ground.Speed: The rate at which an object moves.Velocity:The speed in a given direction.Acceleration:Rate of Change in speed.Force:The push or pull in a given direction.Gravity: Pulls to the center of the earth
  • Newtons 2nd law is The greater the mass of a object the greater the acceleration.
  • What is the 1st law of motion?I know the second one and third one.
  • Newtons third Law of motion is for every action there in a equal and opposite reaction.
  • Bro that's the easy one. Newton's 1st Law of motion is objects in motion stay in motion and objects at rest stay at rest
  • Hi I am Barry the Burrito and you left me at the restaurant I was very sad so I followed you and boy has it been a long day
  • OMG. I am talking to Burrito.
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