Updated: 12/10/2020

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  • I see your tactics Iago, he continues to speak of Desdemona
  • Of course not! She's just making stuff up, she is inlove with me.
  • So I heard you were going to marry *whisper* Bianca
  • She always hangs around me, she is obsessed
  • I am enraged, my heart is black, how could she cheat on me..
  • dreadful
  • I should seek out to slaughter them both
  • Leave Cassio to me, strangle Desdemona in bed
  • You're in such an awful mood
  • Tell me, have you been faithful?
  • Of course I have, have I done anything to make you upset
  • That's a lie! You are a whore
  • Desdemona go to our bedroom and wait for me, bring Emilia with you, I will be there shortly
  • Ok Othello,
  • Very shortly you will be taking your final breath...
  • Ok, wouldn't want to upset the horrid Othello
  • Please! Even through his wicked behavior, I still love him deeply
  • Othello asked to quickly send you away
  • But, the only reason those women cheat is their husband 's fault
  • I wouldn't cheat for materialistic things, but for status, to make my husband king
  • Would you ever cheat? I would never
  • Of course, they are everywhere
  • Do you think there could possibly women out there that cheat?