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US History Comic Strip - Caitlin Craner - 4th hour
Updated: 9/1/2020
US History Comic Strip - Caitlin Craner - 4th hour
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  • French and Indian War(1754-1763)
  • Proclamation Line of 1763(October 7th, 1763)
  • So you know how i'm making the colonists suffer? Yeah.. Make them suffer MORE...
  • Kinda rude, but okay...
  • Quartering Act(March 24th, 1765-1770)
  • Make me a sandwich
  • The French and Indian war, was a war that lasted 7 years. France made an expansion into the Ohio river valley, conflicting with British claims.
  • Boston Massacre(March 5th, 1770)
  • On October 7th, 1763, King George III Issued a proclamation, Forbidding the advancement west of the Appalachian Mountains, due to the "Indian" reserves.
  • Boston Tea Party(December 16th 1773)
  • The Quartering Act Required colonists to allow British soldiers into their houses. The soldiers were allowed to eat, drink, and sleep, whenever, and wherever they wanted to.
  • Tea Act (December 16th, 1773-1778)
  • Just got word from George, your tea costs extra now.
  • The Boston Massacre was one of Americas first riots, in which colonists rioted against the British soldiers, and King George III. It started out as brawl, and ended up a bloody slaughter.
  • yes sir
  • The Boston Tea Party, was an event held by the sons of liberty. It was a political protest against the British, Against the parliaments tax on tea.
  • The Tea act, was one of the acts of the parliaments from Britain, created by King George III. It was meant to reduce the amount of tea held by the lower classed colonists.
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