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The Lottery
Updated: 9/21/2020
The Lottery
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  • The Gathering
  • The Drawing
  • The crowd has gathered for the annual lottery. Every family has to draw a slip of paper from a box at the center of the village. There are kids gathered around the town square with stones, they've gathered these for the lottery. The lottery has barely any tension built up because everyone thinks it won't be them so they don't think big about it
  • Tessie Hutchinson realizes her husband, Bill, is at the center of the crowds attention. She notices the slip of paper he is holding has a black dot on it. Tessie is angry at Mr. Summers saying that Bill was rushed to pick that card and not the one he truly wanted. She says its not fair.
  • The entire Hutchinson family , Bill, Tessie, jr., Nancy, and little davy line up and draw a card from the box. The box has 4 blank cards and the one that bill drew earlier. After everyone drew they looked at the cards. Tessie drew the card with the black dot. That means she has to be killed.
  • The Villagers gathered around Tessie as she screams how its unfair. The villagers ready to get this over with and get to lunch pick up their stones and get ready to throw them. While Tessie is screaming a stone hits her on the side of the head, thus silencing her. Old man warner tells everyone to hurry up and get it over with.
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