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The Second Nuns tale
Updated: 10/19/2020
The Second Nuns tale
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  • out of all of these years i have been doing this i still cant understand the practice of ALCHEMY!!!!!
  • My priorities are high and i praise for the practice of my lord... but its all for a lie
  • I share stories within all of the practices we have, tell us how it is so appealing within.
  • i have never been able to get metal to turn in into precious metals but i have to make them or else i make no money and have nothing.
  • the cannon still cant fiqure out the practice of alchemy.
  • I believe that anyone who practices alchemy will never get anything and will lose everything they have, they are liars
  • all of the assistants talk about alchemy and they accidently reveal that it is a scam for money and the cannon is embarrassed and not seen for awhile.
  • May i borrow some money to use i will be able to pay you after 3 days
  • Yes of course take all you need
  • This describes how the alchemist tries many different ways to turn the metals into precious metal but it never works.
  • Let me show you how it is suppose to be done! bring me some silver, chalk, and a twig so i can turn them into silver for you!
  • Oh my God!! that is amazing work, how about i buy all knowledge of the process from you for 40 pounds!
  • The Assistant unleashes her anger and lets everyone there know that they are liars and everything is a lie. he basically tells them that they will lose everything if they practice alchemy.
  • The cannon asks the priest politely if he can borrow some money, a couple of days later he gives the money back to the priest that he owed him.
  • When the Cannon returns the gold back to him he offers to show him his alchemy. The priest obvisouly agrees and gets different things for him to perform his work on. The Alchemist tricks the priest multiple times acting like he is turning his things into silver. The priest is then amazed and offers him alot of money to learn how. The cannon gets the money from him and the priest never sees him again.
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