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Updated: 12/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Polyphemus, do you want to try some of this wine?
  • . The Trick .
  • Odysseus carved a wooden bowl to put wine in. He asked if the Cyclops wanted to try it and he did. The wine wasn't for him just to drink, it was so that Odysseus could trick him to get him back home.
  • Sure, I'll try some of it.
  • I need more wine, I need more, get me more.
  • . More .
  • The Cyclops drank the first bowl and wanted more. Not just one more, but two more.
  • Okay, Okay, I'll get you more.
  • Odysseus got the Cyclops a drunk and tricked him, so when the Cyclops asked for Odysseus name, Odysseus told him that it is "Nobody".
  • My name is Nobody.
  • . The Name .
  • What is your name?
  • . Blind Drunk .
  • Odysseus got the Cyclops so drunk by giving him so much wine that because he drank so much, the Cyclops went a little blind.
  • Y'all ready.
  • Mmmmm I love this wine. I'm just a little weezy.
  • . The Eye .
  • When the Cyclops was not able to see, Odysseus and his crew grabbed an olive stake and stabbed it through the Cyclops eye. The Cyclops then screeched in pain very loudly.
  • GO
  • The screech of the Cyclops was so loud, the neighbor Cyclops comes over to see whats wrong and Cyclops told the neighbor that Nobody and his friends tried to kill him.
  • . The Neighbor .
  • Nobody and his crew tried to kill me.
  • What's going on, why are you screaming?
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