Updated: 2/3/2021

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  • First thing to do is eliminate the people who did this.
  • Now i must make sure they are loyal to me
  • I have beat them, i am the ruler of Anatolia now. Time to keep moving
  • This was a huge win for my people and my kingdom. We lost lots of soldiers but we came out on top.
  • 336BCE- king philip was murdered, leaving his son Alexander to rule the kingdom. At this time he was only 20 but a strong ruler.
  • well, i dont know where they came from, but we came out on top and that's all that matters.
  • Alexander sought to take control of the persian empire. In 332 BCE he defeated Anatolia and moved on to Egypt and was made a pharaoh.
  • Good bye great leader.
  • Alexander then marched on to the Persian empire.This was his largest battle yet. It lasted years but he won. When the battle was over he found out there leader had been killed in the process.
  • Good bye great leader. You have done so much for us.
  • Then alexander and his people marched onto the indus river valley, where they fought and won against a powerful indian army.
  • Alexanders men started to show less and less effort when they were moving. one day they said they could not keep going. This made alexander return home early, and without his troops.
  • Soon after alexander returned to Babylon, he fell very ill. His people knew what was coming and he died soon after at the age of 32.