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Baron de Montesquieu
Updated: 9/10/2020
Baron de Montesquieu
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  • Baron de Montesquieu is an important name with important beliefs behind it!
  • My name is Baron de Montesquieu, and I am an Enlightenment Thinker. I've shaped you society more than you think!
  • Montesquieu's ideas reguarding the Separations of Powers were very influential then and now.
  • Do you really think that your king should have total control over government. I don't. I believe we need Separation of Powers
  • The Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branch Branch Branch
  • Baron wanted to separate the government into three branches.
  • With the separation of powers, the government will check and balance each other out. This leads to divided power an and no single source of control.
  • If we separate power, it will prevent a single source of government from taking control.
  • Separation of powers benefits everyone! It helps the government lock in your natural rights!
  • There you have it! The separation of powers will impact your society for the best, you'll thank me later.
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