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Prodject 1
Updated: 11/13/2019
Prodject 1
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  • "We were happy we knew we had been guilty but now we have a way to atone for it."(Rand 26)
  • I am happy to be a street i hope i will be forgiven for my transgressions.
  • "We can give our brothers a new light cleaner and brighter then they had ever known"(Rand 60)
  • I must share my creation with my brothers
  • "It is dark in the forest the leaves rustle over our headblack against the last gold of the sky."(Rand 68)
  • I will never go back to my old life.Because they do not appreciate my creation
  • In this scene Equality is assigned the street sweeper job and is happy because he feels it will be a way to be forgiven for his transgressions.He shows he acts like the rest of society and is happy with what he is doing. in the beginning of the book.
  • In this scene equality discovers the light bulb and plan to share this with his brothers which ends up almost getting him killed so he vows to never listen or come back to his brothers then he runs to the forest.This effects the plot because he could be killed for this transgression and it shows equality began to rebel.
  • In this scene Equality had ran into the forest because he would have been killed if he stayed for his transgression was to get to stay or he would have died.We now see equality has fully rebelled from the rest of his brothers.This makes him complex because he changes a lot between chapters.
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