Private eye storyboard
Updated: 2/8/2021
Private eye storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • EXT.Shot of city panning past tall buildings
  • EXT.Over the shoulder shot of Cheryl on the phone
  • INT.Medium close up of Sarah in the office
  • Title of the show and Theme tune plays in the background.
  • EXT.Cheryl walking in the street
  • Cheryl talking to sarah Talking with a quick but calm tone “Cover for me for as long as you can Sarah im almost there, I just had to check one more thing.”
  • EXT.Cheryl walking down the street
  • Whispers amusingly “Well hurry up, there's only so much shit I can deal with from these baboons Cheryl.”
  • EXT.Entrance to detectives work
  • We dolly backwards and follow cheryl as she speedwalks to work.
  • The dolly continues but transitions into a medium long shot to show Cheryls outfit to the audience helping make clear the timeframe of the show quickly
  • After about a second we pan the camera out into the street to and see Cheryl on the screen walk into the building that we pan to see.