special relativity project
Updated: 2/17/2020
special relativity project

Storyboard Text

  •  hmm I want to see if I can go 85% speed of light for 70 years and see if I can age slower
  • *sits up*
  • AH.....my rocket car has just arrived from the shop, I can't wait to test my experiment
  • honey meet me at the Waxhaw road near Cuthbertson
  • *calls Whitney*
  • So I am DeltaT in this experiment right? as I remember from my freshman astronomy class
  • ok honey I'm going to be DeltaTo in this. lets see if you are as old as me when I get back
  • *engages the rocket car*
  • AHHHHHHHH.....I regret drinking eating that Popeyes chicken sandwich now
  • John? Oh my god your finally back I thought you died up there
  • Whitney? is that you? how long has it been