English 2

Updated: 5/14/2020
English 2

Storyboard Text

  • Queen Home work... The meanest, worst, and despicable queen in the history of School kingdom. She wanted to over the weekend rebellion. So she could own the whole WEEK! So she ordered her two best Generals. General Friday (Blue) and General Monday (Red) to go fight this weekend rebellion.
  • At the weekend kingdom there was a meeting of the two great Generals and their seconds.
  • The guards at the gate saw something in the distance, it also sounded like footsteps they wondered what it could be.
  • To be continued.....
  • Suddenly they were attacked they didn't have time to react. So the attackers made there way to the gate and went through to the meeting room....
  • Only the Generals second in commands got away safely. But with only a handful of men. What are they going to do.....