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storyboard video
Updated: 12/4/2018
storyboard video
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Storyboard Text

  • Scence 1
  • “Hello and welcome to this video. Today we are going to talk about hacking and what it can do and how it effects you in your lives”.
  • Scene 2 A
  • Passwords:
  • “hacking is dangerous and there are many ways to stop it. The obvious one is having a secure password that combines numbers and letters and should always have at least 6 characters
  • 123 - BAD Hksjoewf2846 - GOOD
  • scene 2 B
  • BBC:
  • hacking
  • introduction talk about what the video will go over and be a short scene
  • Scene 2 C
  • The bigger the password the more secure it is and less chance of getting hacked. Even though preventing hacking seems easy spotting it is hard to do. Most hackers will always ask for your details for your bank or social media passwords. The one thing to never do is give out your password to anyone most emails are fake and are found in the junk mail section. This is a short clip that describes hacking”
  • talking about passwords what are good examples showing pictures and text to help describe/
  • Scene 3 A
  • “this USB has been coded to turn off the computer. This demonstrates that anything is dangerous and should not trust any USB’s you find this is harmless but most can destroy your computer”
  • short clip from film or show about hacking and getting the main parts to show the main dangers of hacking
  • Scene 3 B
  • Shutting down PC in 3...2...1...
  • talk about passwords and how to say safe by spotting fake emails ect 
  • give a brief explanation about what it going to happen and what the usb will do to the computer 
  • show what the USB will do by showing the pc screen 
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