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History 5
Updated: 9/25/2020
History 5
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  • We are fighting the French. Right now we are losing badly because they have more weapons and soldiers, as well as the help of the natives. We are fighting over the Ohio River Valley as we both want to colonize it. I hope England can get its act together and send us weapons, or else we‘’ll be dead by next year.
  • Push forward!
  • We have finally won the war. At the beginning we were getting crushed by the French, but with new resources we won. We lowered our trading prices so that we could steal the native alliances from the French. William Pitt also poured money into the war as the head of the House of Commons and now we have won with the news guns, resources, and allies. However now we are poor, since Pitt spent all of our money on the war.
  • We surrender!!
  • However, there were some consequences of the war. One which is that we are poor. We are going to have to tax the colonies up the wazoo if we want to make the money back. We have also accidentally brought the colonies together by making them fight this war, which means they may start getting ideas as joining as one.
  • We lost the Ohio River Valley, our alliances, and access to beaver and fish!!
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