project gemini
Updated: 12/16/2019
project gemini
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Storyboard Description

narrative storyboard for opening part of game

Storyboard Text

  • Top secret prototype Star fighter Strike Craft decked on the UNS Victoria – the flagship of the United Nations of Earth’s Star-fleet. Developed in utmost secrecy to combat and deter piracy that has been running rampant in the shipping lanes of the Sol system.
  • After a few successful small scale operations against the privateer clans. Gemini 1 is committed to a large battle with the brunt of the enemy’s fleet. During the battle Gemini hits the fuel cell of one of the privateer galleons with its weapons system causing a core breach.
  • The galleon explodes in spectacular fashion -dumping a high amount of exotic energy into a small tear in the fabric of space-time.
  • This causes the tear to collapse into a wormhole dragging Gemini 1 and a small number of privateer ships into it...
  • ... transporting them to a strange unknown galaxy.
  • After dispatching the remaining privateer forces Gemini 1 encounters a small probe which begins scanning him...
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