tears of tiger
Updated: 3/12/2020
tears of tiger

Storyboard Text

  • ~Andy~"Swoosh!Ain't nobody better, 'cept maybe me" pg.3~Andy is a very athletic basketball ~player who is depressed bout the passing of Rob~Strength-Sports~Weakness- Passing of Rob~ His defining moment is him winning the basketball~The issue that he deals with is if it's his fault that Rob is dead.
  • ~Robbie~"I see you been eatin' bull crap for dinner again" pg.3~Robbie was a tall a basketball player with a lot of skill~Strength- Basketball~Weakness- Dead~He will be remembered from the car accident~He struggles with living
  • ~ B.J~ 'Dear lord, this is me'' pg.15-17~B.j is short ,not athletic and he is brave~Strength- Bravery ~Weakness- not athletic~Tried to same the other kids~The issue he deals with is that he is lonely, so he prays to not be lonely anymore.