saving your personal information 1

Updated: 5/25/2020
saving your personal information 1

Storyboard Text

  • 1
  • 2
  • text me on snapchat once you have got them my username is -----------
  • yes obiously otherwise my mum wouldent let me have them.
  • dude you should get snapchat and facebook
  • are they safe????
  • ok fine
  • ok i have officialy dounloaded snapchat and facebook
  • 3
  • should i do this...yes it will be fineright.......
  • ok so you do this then that then kapow you have an instagram account
  • theresa comes to help rosa set up snapchat and instagram
  • 4
  • she gets a text from her friend joe to doun load snapchat and insta.
  • 5
  • what the heck!!!!!!!
  • I cant believe that I fell for it, I even got dressed up to.
  • theresa helps Rosa get snapchat and instagram, and then set up an account.
  • 6
  • theresa leaves and Rosa gets a text from ryan to meet up at the cafe on the corner.
  • hi lets meet up at the cafe around the corner I want to meet you in real life
  • she goes to the coffee shop and finds out that he is a catfisher and an idiot
  • no im going with my friend theresa catfisher
  • you look nice come with i will take you on a wonderfull drive
  • they come home, and live happily ever after, rosa has learnt how to use social media now.
  • its fine rosa everyone makes mistakes