Updated: 3/9/2020
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  • Screen Glare (Close-Up)
  • Insomnia (Extreme Close-Up)
  • Phone Notifications Buzzing (Close-Up)
  • Lighting effects are applied aiming at characters eyes before going to bed. This is to represent screen glare impacting eyes.
  • Little Sleep (Medium)
  • The character's eyes are shown to be struggling to sleep from being on their phone before bed. Images flash on screen to show his mind whirling from social media before going to sleep.
  • Phone Buzzing at Work (Medium)
  • The character's sleep is disturbed by a notification on their phone. They turn to answer it.
  • Distracted by Phone (Medium)
  • The character wakes up with very little sleep. It shows them being stressed and their mind still whirling.
  • The character is trying to get work done; but their phone keeps buzzing which takes their mind off the task.
  • !
  • The distraction becomes too much and the character uses their phone; which makes that task longer byputting the work aside.
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