Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • The most of the people know me for being a famous actress of the golden age.
  • Hi, let me introduce myself,my name is Hedy Lamarr.
  • i became famous for making the first escene of a naked woman in all film history.
  • But what nobody knew is that i have a parallel life.
  • A life that no one thought a woman could have.
  • Secretly for my husband i studied engineerind. I have to do it in secret because he didn't like the fact that i could think
  • He also didn´t like that i could act. He didn't like my freedom.
  • So i ran away from him and i promised never to return.
  • Thanks to my studies i developed a wireless telecommunication system. And it was a great help for the EEUU navy.
  • The system i developed is the same as Bluetooth and very similar to WIFI.
  • Althougt my work has only recently been recognized in 2014.
  • I wouldn't mind admitting that i was a technology pioneer.