Updated: 12/19/2020

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  • I really don't want to go to the doctor. I'm scared of shots Sarah!
  • Get your shots today!!
  • Usually yes, your defence system remembers how to fight a germ for the rest of your life. But sometimes it doesn't, and then it will need a booster shot.
  • And I should only do it once?
  • Don't worry Miguel, you'll be fine! Once you've had your vaccine, your body is protected and will know how to defend itself if the virus gets you.
  • Get your shots today!!
  • Miguel, this vaccine is necessary! If you don't do it, the germ could make you very sick, diasble or even kill you. And if in the "best" case you are just sick, you will suffer a lot. This vaccine allows you to avoid this pain while developing antibodies to protect you.
  • So no, it's no use, I don't want to have to do it again!
  • Get your shots today!!
  • But how does it work? What will be injected into my body? 
  • Ok, so I guess it's not that bad..
  • Most vaccines contain a small piece of the germ of the disease, weak or dead, but not the type of germ that makes you sick. Even some vaccines only contain molecules. This allows your body to create antibodies that will trap and kill the germ that could make you sick.
  • Get your shots today!!
  • So Miguel, are you ready?
  • Yes, madam, I am ready!
  • That's it Sarah! I did it! Shots aren't as bad as I thought they would be. And now I'm protected!
  • Get your shots today!!
  • I am proud of you Miguel!
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