Updated: 3/19/2020

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  • Hi my name is Kenya. I was born a slave. I lived in the warm, stormy village of ridgewood. My mama was a selfless woman named Rwanda. My father, Togo was a hardworking man. I loved having 2 sisters. Their names were Libya and Mali. We had a lot of fun together. I have to admit I was a privledged slave. I would like to share my story with you as Kenya Edger.
  • I got to get on this train!!!!
  • As I mentioned earlier, I am one of the lucky ones and I am very thankful. I do not have to suffer working out in the hot summer heat like my family. I work at Mary's boutique and clothes. I was hired by Mary a few years ago to sew some clothes. Mary is pregnat so I have to help her a lot. The worst part is that I cannot afford any of the beautiful clothes. I have to look at them in jeallousy. I just wish one day I could wear them without getting whipped.
  • I wake up and knock off a piece of hay. I give mama and father a kiss and my slave owner takes me to Mary's because today is going to be a big day. I have to sit in the special room with lots of guard people. We sign lots of papers for me to go and travel with Mary to NYC because this is where we are going. I am going to help Mary work with her co workers. We get on the train. Stares flood our way. I don't mind them though because today is a day that will make history.
  • We got to NYC on a rainy, cold, dry day. As Mary and I got off the train, cruel words were said to my face but I just kept going. Mary said she had to go get water from a store. I noticed a train getting ready to load people and they were heading to Wisconsin. So as Mary goes to get her water, I take my shot and run to that train.
  • As I am on the train, people are starting to realize I'm not allowed to be here. I rush to the back of the train. As I exit the train I spot $50! What a lucky day!! I keep my head down. I don't want anyone to know I'm a slave. I look around and OMG I see a clothing boutique!! A perfect place to spend my money.