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The metamorphosis storyboard
Updated: 5/11/2020
The metamorphosis storyboard
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  • Gregor Samsa was barely conscious when he realize that he felt really weird. He was not a human anymore, he had a transformation and what once was a human body became a bug's body. What seems more important for Gregor was the fact that he was late for work, he tried to move his body but he was very clumsy, a lot of new parts of his body he couldn't control.
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  • His family started to get worry because Gregor didn't get out of his room, the manager of the company in which Gregor worked arrived. Gregor was finally able to open the door of his room but everyone was astonish because of his new appearance, the manager decided to ran before Gregor was able to catch him, his mother passed away and his father used a stick to make sure Gregor get inside his room.
  • After his father react so aggressively to his transformation, and his mother passed away, the only member of the family capable and who felt the responsibility to take care of Gregor, was his sister Grete. Grete made sure Gregor was comfortable and that he ate well. both had a great relation even before the transformation.
  • Unfortunately for Gregor the situation everyday got worse, his sister, the one who was taking care of him forgot about him, she didn't even feed him anymore, they didn't understand the messages he was trying to send them and his father was getting angrier with the situation, in addition, Gregor was the one who get the earnings for the whole family, so they had to find a way to get some money, every member of the family found a job and they rent their house to three very elegant individuals.
  • One night, after the dinner, the guests wanted to hear Grete's music, so she accepted and play the violin, that brought Gregor a lot of memories because he was planning to support his sister with that hobby even if their parents said no, nevertheless, Gregor got too excited and got out of his room, one of the guests saw him and they thought that was such a horrible animal they had to leave.
  • After Gregor was seen by the guests, his sister encourage her parents to throw him out of their lives, for them that bug that was lockdown in Gregor's room wasn't Gregor, he got the message very clear and in the morning meanwhile hearing the bells he drop his last breath, his family felt horrible even after considering he wasn't part of them, but this was a new beginning for the Samsa family.
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