Media concept 3
Updated: 2/3/2020
Media concept 3
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  • Friends, Clover (left) and Rory (right) walk down the school hall way as Clover asks Rory to a party shes beeen invited to and Rory resists but after being begged by her friend she agrees.
  • Bam!
  • Rory gets ready to go out and as she does she is frustrated at the fact that she has to spend her night at a party and she doesn't know how to dress as she never goes out.
  • As they walk into the party Clover runs off to go talk to another friend and Rory is left on her own. As she stands watching people dance she starts to panic about the situation she is in. And she turns to walk inside.
  • Rory walks around the house trying to fill up time and find her friend. As she walks around the house she sees the people at the party acting crazy and she sees comic details pop up around them.
  • Rory walks outside and begins to read a comic on the porch. She sits sadly with the sounds of the party rumbling behind her.
  • As Rory sits there someone walks up behind her looks down at her comic and begins to chat with her about her comic.
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