Updated: 3/18/2021

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A summary of pages 3-61

Storyboard Text

  • Pages 3-6
  • Pages 10-18
  • Pages 31-40
  • Peak is caught climbing a skyscraper (illegally) because his face got frozen to the side.
  • Pages 45-49
  • Hotel
  • Peak was sent to a detainment center where he waited to go to court.
  • Pages 53-59
  • Peak and his dad (Josh) are traveling to Chiang Mai, or so Peak thought.
  • Pages 59-61
  • Peak's father (Josh) explains to him what is going on, and Peak is excited yet confused.
  • Peak meets, Sun-jo and Zopa for the first time.
  • Sun-jo, and Zopa help Peak pick out his climbing gear.