The Hard-headed Carrionites
Updated: 5/26/2021
The Hard-headed Carrionites

Storyboard Text

  • The Hard-Headed Carrionites
  • The Predator
  • Unforeseen Mutation
  • There one lived a peculiar species on an unknown planet, it’s primal purpose was to survive and reproduce. Their habitat was one of a grazed beach with its surrounding mountainous area.
  • Mutated Success
  • The fearsome and dangerous Predator to the species, the Axanes, would swoop down and pry open the soft backs of the Carrionites and feast.
  • Expansion and Succession
  • Then, unexpectedly, a new species had made its way into the population, due to a random gene mutation.
  • Survival and Adaption
  • This special species has a much harder back; therefore, it was protected when it curled into its ball and survived. While the normal Carrionites died as usual.
  • Then, as one of the only survivors, the mutant mated with the rest of the population to create the improved mutants. The population was adapted so the future of the species could survive.
  • Seeing that the newly adapted Carrionites and their impenetrable hide, the Axane left to find another source of food. Leaving the Carrionites to live a happy and peaceful life.