Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • OMG, yes! I make them all the time
  • Did you hear about tiktok?
  • Ya! We should make one!
  • Have you guys heard about tiktok?
  • Yes! Lily and I were just talking about it on the bus!
  • *Does the Renegade*
  • Omg, yes! Let's ask Mr. M if we could go out in the hall to make one!
  • I'll ask him!
  • Could Olivia, Sam, and I go out in the hall?
  • Algebra 2- Hw- pg 12-14SKIP PROBLEMS 1 & 7. Do 2-19
  • YES!
  • Sure, only if you have your own done.
  • We should use Sam's iPhone 11 Pro Max because it'll come out in better quality.
  • Yes sure! What sound should we use?
  • Plus, she has more followers which will get more views!
  • Renegade! Renegade! HA! HA!