el gran robo

Updated: 5/16/2021
el gran robo

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Storyboard Text

  • Last monday
  • Son be carfuly, you don´t pay atention about anything, above all the trafic lights.
  • Ok, i only have to go to the park, i will be here in one hour.
  • In the park
  • In the meantime, in front of the park...
  • Yes yes take it , please don`t hurt me.
  • Give me the credit card
  • My dad was scolding me as allways because i don´t pay atenion about things that happen arond me, i am allways in my world. 
  • After...
  • JAJAJA you never catch me!!!
  • I was tryin to be carful but i allways get distracted.
  • Sudenly...
  • NOOO the card
  • I will catch youu!
  • The tief was stoling an old women.
  • Finally...
  • OOOH, thanks so much yong boy!
  • The thief ran with the credit card and i was in my word as allways, but he didn`t see me.
  • The thief, the thief
  • Then the thief collided with me and the credit card fell.Sudenly a police man apear.
  • The police gave back the card to the women and they thanked me and he thief went to prision. Since hat day i continue to be in my world because i was able to help that old woman. But my dad keep scolding me.
  • your wellcome?
  • Shiiit
  • You are in big problem .