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Updated: 2/26/2019
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  • My name is Beatrice. I live in a decaying and half destroyed Chicago. The year is 2018 and I just turned 16 (this means I need to go through a ceremony, to decide my home faction). The ceremony took place in a huge tower that used to be called the Sears tower. It is a huge glass building, that I never understood the use for (my dad always said it was office work). I had to leave my family especially since I found out I’m Divergent which is “dangerous” (I still don’t know what Divergent means though). I was so worried about leaving my faction “Abnegation”, but in the end I left my family and went to the Dauntless, aka the brave. My brother even left! I never saw it coming, but he went to Erudite. My brother was always the kind of person who cared for others. Losing family members aside, I go to sleep and await for tomorrow.
  • "Today is the day”
  • (there are five main factions that help run our society) Abnegation- the selfless, Dauntless- the brave, Erudite- the wise, Candor- the honest, and Amity- the workers).
  • I say to myself as I started initiation, and found out that not only did I need to jump onto a moving train in order to get to Dauntless H.Q., but I needed to jump down from the top of a building and into a deep dark hole too.
  • We will have a difficult initiation that includes, fighting, knife throwing, shooting a gun, and simulations
  • I was the first jumper (which was really awesome). I felt the breeze as I fell down all those stories of the building. I entered the hole and soon hit a net. There was a young man named Four, who helped me out. He asked me, “What's your name? Think about it, You don’t get to pick again.”, and I said “Tris”.
  • When I first came in here the raven caught my attention , can I get three from my collar bone to my heart to represent each one of my family
  • I work here and I was wondering if you just came here to talk, so do you want a tattoo
  • I met a girl named Christina who transferred from Erudite (the know-it-alls) and she was actually nice.
  • A scary man named Eric steps up; he is covered in tattoos and piercings. I notice Four stands up next to him (I guess both of them will be my instructors). Eric explains...
  • After we dispersed we headed to our bunker with our belongings to get situated. Once we were all in the room I meet up with Christina and we decide to go to the tattoo parlor. Once I got there I saw Tori sitting in a chair and looking over a book with designs for tattoos in it. I walked quickly over to her and hugged her when I got to her I asked her if she works here
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